What is important to have within your Activewear?

by Ross Parke September 11, 2018 3 min read

What is Important to have within your Activewear? 

Activewear is the new kid on the block for technical sports-based fashion. It appeals to a wide audience who are looking to get more from their clothing. The flattering seam lines, expertly crafted multi-paneled leggings and seamless sets give fresh takes on fast-fashion staples. This has created an emerging industry that has racked up sales in to the billions, so the question is:what makes activewear and athleisure garments special?

NVC Athletica are confident that they have the answer with their range of ladies’ activewear. From women’s gym leggings to high impact sports bras, they have an ever-increasing range of tailored ladies’ gym wear to compliment the modern woman.​

Technical Fabrics

In the present day, consumers have plenty of choice. They want better value for money from their clothing and with a boom in health and wellness, the two have married together to create athleisure and activewear.

Designed with yoga and the gym in mind, NVC Athletica produces technical garments that offer moisture-wicking and technical properties. With technical materials comes a certain degree of versatility afforded to activewear clothing. As business increases year on year, more people are switching over to wearing affordable, luxurious athleisure items that can be worn for a multitude of purposes.


Gym clothes have become a must-have item in almost any woman’s wardrobe, be it workout leggings or a sports bra, and with so many options available it is hard to know which items are worth buying over others. This is where the next point comes in: quality. Quality fabrics differentiate the best from the worst. The attention to detail and overall finish found within each garment are certainly contributing factors to what is worth investing in.

NVC_Ahletica_Navy_Leggings Take these high waisted leggings from NVC Athletica’s Deep Navy Collection. From the paneled details to the high waist, each part of the product has been engineered to maximize performance at the gym, with the high waist covering that tough lower stomach workout area as well as accentuating the curve on your hips, all with minimal translucency whilst you work out. The mesh vents are a nod to on-trend looks that allows for sweat wicking and distribution away from the skin, to keep yourself cool whilst you work out.

Fit and Shape

The feel of activewear clothing is a defining feature in a customer’s choice. Do you want an item that rides up or slips when you are wearing it to exercise in? Or do you prefer practical, well sculpted items that will remain secure on your body? NVC Athletica have created a range that is worthy of wearing to and from the gym, be it gym shorts when you are shaping your posterior or harem pants for when you want to let your hair down.

Activewear has been a breakthrough in the fashion industry and is most definitely here to stay. From sports luxe to casual daywear, athleisure items have become a staple for the wardrobe, moving from the latest trend to an extension of lifestyle choice.

What is your go-to pick for activewear this season? Do you prefer budget gym clothes, luxury sports leggings, high impact sports bras or other tried-and-tested wardrobe staples? With so much choice, it is easy to understand why people are having a hard time in deciding what to invest in. Sticking to two simple factors - quality fabric and technical properties - ensures you get the best your money can buy when buying womens activewear.

Ross Parke
Ross Parke

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