Made For Movement - Living in a 'Post-Athleisure' world

by Bold Apps October 22, 2018 2 min read

Athleisure is dead, it has been for several months now and really, it was no surprise. Arising as a trend inspired by consumers who took a big and somewhat sudden leap towards healthy living, this wasn't just a summer fad either but a real shift in consumer lifestyle choices and now 1-2 years into the UK taking its infant steps towards this American phenomenon, 'made for movement' is the new kid on the block. So what is 'made for movement' and what should you be looking for when you want to make that all important purchase for your new active lifestyle?

"Post-Athleisure clothing is being defined by the customer like never before."

And by that I mean as the lines blur between fast fashion clothing and sportswear, you have seen streetwear inspired activewear brands rise up to fill an ever increasing gap in the market. These brands are delivering tailored clothing, with a strong emphasis on specialised fabrics that allow for a variety of performance improving qualities centred around people living active lifestyles.

As covered in previous blog posts, these elements  to activewear clothing are what set it apart from your bog standard fast fashion item choices and are really at the forefront of a new approach to consumer thinking when buying their clothing.  Made for movement is the central point of modern incarnations of athleisure, gone are printed vinyl patterns on cheap leggings only to be replaced with elastane and polyester mixed, panelled leggings like these by NVC Athletica that capture the essence of what people want from their post athleisure clothing, freeing items that allow for ease of movement through minimal seams and moisture wicking within the very fabric.

So what's next? When sports bras, high waisted leggings and summer print patterns like these dominate the warmer months, what do we look to for keeping warm while keeping active when it gets cold? 

As current catwalk trends seem to denote the idea of thicker cuts of fabric and safety oriented clothing is this autumn/winter's fashion staple. What better homage to this than NVC Athletica's funnel neck training top. Designed to be comfortable, spacious and warm, this training top features a high collar and a stylish scuba effect to compliment any training outfit this winter.

Keep your eyes peeled for further statement pieces that will take you through winter and into next year at To see other blog posts, don't hesitate to check out part 1 and part 2of our beginners guide to buying activewear.

Bold Apps
Bold Apps

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