How activewear helps boost confidence and self-esteem

by Ross Parke September 26, 2018 3 min read



In our last article we looked at some basic principles for activewear clothing newcomers, with the discussion firmly placed around how to get the most out of your ladies activewear when buying online. This article will add to that covering slightly more technical topics regarding keywords you may have seen when shopping online but its main focus is on the issues of confidence and self-esteem and how buying the right activewear can improve both of these things.

These days activewear is a buzzword alongside “healthy living” and “wellness” it can mean a range of different things from yoga wear to sports apparel and even general ladies fashion. It is a huge trend in the USA and fast becoming a trend in Europe and the UK. This is mostly due to a back to basics approach of many people regarding eating healthy and living well, gym memberships too have risen, and more people are looking at straightforward, non-fad ways of boosting their self-esteem and confidence levels. So how does activewear differ from regular clothing and how is it designed to improve your self-esteem and confidence levels?

Picking the right kind of clothing

Sometimes you just need to look good to feel good and activewear, as far as how it is made, is designed to boost your confidence with technical form fitting fabrics that compress your frame, bringing you in in tough to workout areas and giving you support you need for when you hit the gym in your workout gear. The added benefit of course is that the form fitting garments are flattering, some people can become disillusioned when having trained for a few months and don’t see any changes to their body. Other times it’s a simple case of just switching your clothing away from baggy, heavy cotton products that hide your frame under layers of fabric to give that confidence a much-needed boost by allowing you to see your natural shape, enhanced by your activewear clothing picks.  Take these items from NVC Athletica’s deep navy collection, geometric panels contour and slim the figure and the combination of technical fabrics create a minor compression and add to the silhouette, enhancing the wearers shape thus improving confidence levels.

Motivation from your clothing

Getting into the right frame of mind when working out is incredibly important too, just simply going to a gym or even motivating yourself to hit up a home workout can be very off-putting to many people. As stated above, dressing right can be a big motivating factor when you begin your workout journey, envisioning your fitness goals requires time, patience and practice and having the right kind of workout gear that compliments your routine can boost your performance at the gym. Time and attention go into the patterns used within activewear clothing, take for example NVC Athletica’s Soundwave leggings and sports bra, the set design is chic, and the pattern was created with energy and rhythm in mind. Sports psychologists have written plenty of papers on the effect of a sports outfit and how patterns and colours introduce and reinforce a mood, so if you are looking at getting the most out of your workout, look for patterned products that motivate you to work harder and get those much-needed serotonin boosts.



Technical fabric design

There are more technical benefits in the design of activewear specifically for use at the gym, part of the reason the USA has put such an emphasis on activewear clothing is for its dual ability to be worn both during workouts, whether at the gym or otherwise and its ability to be worn day to day and feel comfortable, sporty and flattering. The lightweight materials found within your activewear, like viscose, create a silky feel to your garment while other more specialised fabrics such as elastane are designed to give compression, support and strength to your clothing. The lightweight nature of these materials allows for maximum ease of movement and most activewear features sweat-wicking properties that draws the sweat away from your skin, keeping your body cool and acclimatised. An example of this is NVC Athletica’s long sleeve cross-over crop top, featuring a cotton, modal and elastane blend, the super sporty design is perfect for giving you the freedom of movement needed in your yoga or gym pursuits, giving you a stretchy, lightweight top with sweat wicking properties to keep you feeling fresh.


What do you look for in your gymwear? Do you pick fashion over comfort? I hope the information contained within this blog helps shape your future experiences with activewear and what you are looking for. 

Ross Parke
Ross Parke

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